Sequel Pro file read error when uploading database

When I upload a database to Sequel Pro, I often get this 'file read error': 

An error occurred when reading the file, as it could not be read in the encoding you selected (Autodetect - Unicode (UTF-8)). 

Sequel Pro file read error

To solve this, delete all the tables and try again with encoding 'Western: Mac OS Roman'. 

Sequel Pro encoding fix




Thanks so much for this! I thought the problem was with my source database, so never would have figured this out.


If you don't want to delete your database or change your encodage, you can use command line in order to import the file. Easy, and powerful.

mysql -uMY_USER -pMY_PASSWORD my_table_db < my_file_to_import.sql

(yes, there's no space between -u and the user nor -p and the password)


Hi! I changed it to the correct settings above and still get the issue of an unexpected error. also trying to connect to an existing database results in it as well. please help!

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