Drupal 7 Entity Translation and Views

When using Drupal, there are often many ways to solve a problem and each method has advantages and disadvantages. 

The cleanest way to use Entity Translation combined with Views is this one, and it has only one caveat: 

  • Setup a Page View in the main website language (I usually start from English). Under relationship, add Content: Entity Translation (with relationship required) and under Filters set Entity translation: Language with Current user's language checked. Because it's a Page View, add a menu-item. 
  • Go to Structure > Menu's and translate the menu item. 
  • Go to Pathauto and add an alias. This translates the URL. 
  • Optional: go to Regional and Language > Translate Interface > Translate and translate the Title of the View. 

When using this method, custom sorting per language is not possible. That's the only disadvantage. Other than that, it's a clean way to setup Entity Translation combined with Views. 

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